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Can I use 4U2C when I place the carseat in the middle of the back seat?
If your infant car seat is placed in the middle of the back seat, which is recommended, this is not a problem. The mirror can swivel up and down and can easily be rotated 360 degrees around the 4U2C extention base. It is designed to work on either side of the car seat. 4U2C does not have to be installed directly over your infants rear facing car seat.

What is the maximum distance between the headliner and headrest that 4U2C can be installed?
4U2C extends from 9 inches to a maximum of 14 inches. If there is more than 14 inches between the headrest and the headliner, you can extend the headrest closer to the headliner of the vehicle and then install 4U2C on top of the headrest.

How do you properly tension 4U2C to hold it in place?
A good tip to remember is to press down on the foot pad of the baby mirror when extending the telescoping mast to the headliner. Once it is extended release the bottom of the baby mirror and the proper tension will be achieved.

Do you ship to destinations outside of the U.S.?
For shipping destinations outside of the contiguous United States please make your purchase from our new eBay Store.

How soon will my order be shipped?
Most orders are shipped within 1 business day after the order has been received. If an order is placed on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, it will not be processed until Monday. Please allow up to 14 days for delivery.

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