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Installation of 4U2C Rear Facing Car Seat Mirror

Whether you drive a car, SUV or van the 4U2C is fully adjustable allowing the rear facing car seat mirror to fit most seatbacks and headrests. Click here for more pictures.

Installation of 4U2C:

  1. Grip the Support Tube of 4U2C in your right hand near the Foot pad with the mirror facing you.

  2. Place the Foot pad on top of the back seat backrest with the Top Pad toward the roof of the vehicle.

  3. Push down gently on the Foot pad compressing the backrest slightly.

  4. Grasp the Telescoping Mast with your left hand and raise the Mast until the Top Pad firmly contacts the headliner.

  5. If Telescoping Mast does not lock firmly in place, apply more downward pressure on the Foot pad (still raising Telescoping Mast) until the Auto Locking Clip snaps into place.

  6. Loosen Wing Nut on Support Tube Clamp and adjust mirror for best view of infant seat. To adjust height, rotate Mirror Bracket to clear Mirror Stops and slide up or down.

  7. Tighten Wing Nut and double check security of 4U2C installation.

Removal of 4U2C:

  1. Press end of Auto Locking Clip toward Support Tube and lower Mast.

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